Risk Assessments

Risk assessment can be a qualitative and/or quantitative estimate of human health and/or ecological risks presented by site contamination. This scientific methodology assists to manage site contamination by assessing technically and financially realistic goals.

The process of risk assessment is intended to:

  • Establish baseline risks and whether site remediation or other action is necessary;
  • Determine a tolerable level of contaminants that can remain in place with adequate protection of public/environmental health;
  • Enable comparison of potential health impacts of various remediation techniques; and
  • Provide a consistent method of appraising and recording public health risks at the site.

Due to complexity involved in assessing risk in varying environments, EP Risk’s qualified risk assessors are highly experienced across varying fields.

Risk assessment is most useful when there is extensive soil and/or groundwater contamination and can be implemented after sufficient soil and groundwater assessments have been conducted.