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EP Risk has completed thousands of projects and has earned a reputation for providing high quality, pragmatic and innovative advice for our clients. We service all industries and help resolve contaminated site issues across the country. Learn more about some of our recent projects below.

Crown Sydney Hotel Resort, Barangaroo

Civil Construction – Barangaroo, NSW

Professional services during Barangaroo Stage 1C basement excavation due to contaminated fill material from former gasworks.

Landfill Monitoring Design and Field Services

Local Council – Benalla, Victoria

A range of ongoing monitoring to satisfy both EPA, Environmental Audit and day-to-day landfill operational requirements.

Williamtown Airport Acid Sulfate Soil Neutralisation and Verification

Civil Construction – Williamtown, NSW

ASS assessment, preparation of ASS management plan and verification assessment of soils surplus for construction of a new facility at an airbase.

Enfield Intermodal Terminal - Asbestos Management & Occupational Hygiene Services

Civil Construction – Strathfield South, NSW

Asbestos management and testing of imported materials to be used on-site for construction project.

Engineered Containment Cell

Freight and Logistics Company – Carrington, NSW

Validation of an engineered containment cell constructed at a site contaminated with slag and ash fill material sourced from the former Newcastle BHP Steelworks site.

Data Gap Investigation and Risk Assessment

Developer – Alexandria, NSW

DGI for proposed mixed commercial/residential development adjacent to a former landfill for Site Auditor requirements and council Development Application.

Waste Assessment/Characterisation

Local Council – Northeast Victoria

EPA issued a Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) to determine extent and condition of imported/uncontrolled fill used for development of a reserve and athletic field.

Environmental Compliance Audit

National Transport Company – SA, WA, Qld

Due diligence audit across a large portfolio of bus depot facilities to address potential compliance issues and improve environmental performance at each site.

Detailed Site Investigation

Financial Institution – Turners Beach, Tasmania

Investigation to understand the financial situation and potential risks of a former service station facility located near a beach.

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