When looking to buy or sell a company with land assets, or just the property itself, it is prudent to check you are not inheriting or passing on an environmental liability from current or historical operation or use of the land by previous owners or occupiers. When purchasing, the liability you inherit may be from an entity that no longer exists and you are the one left to clean up the mess. This can quickly eat into any profits of a proposed development and push out project delivery timelines.

If you are selling your property, then you need to know what liability you are transferring to a prospective purchaser. This can be critical in contract negotiations, will assist in accurate valuation of your asset and also ensures that your sale contract addresses the liability and provides the necessary protections.

EP Risk’s team can review and quantify the environmental liability prior to or during the sale process.

  • Preliminary (desktop) site investigation/assessments
  • Due diligence assessments for mergers and acquisitions
  • Baseline assessments for purchase or prior/post tenant occupancy
  • Compliance audits
  • Portfolio risk assessments and gap analysis
  • Hazardous materials assessment