Hazardous Building Materials Assessments

Many products used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings prior to the 1980s are likely to contain hazardous materials. These can include asbestos in fibre cement sheeting or insulation, PCBs in transformers and capacitors, synthetic mineral fibre and lead in paint. Commercial and Industrial properties generally constructed prior to 31 December 2003 require a hazardous materials assessment to manage the risk posed to users of the site and contractors. Additionally, a more intrusive ‘destructive’ hazardous materials assessment is required prior to refurbishment and demolitions works.

Regulatory requirements dictate that hazardous materials must be managed in the workplace and during demolition or refurbishment. EP Risk’s team of occupational hygienists can assess, manage and validate removal of hazardous materials:

  • Hazardous material (HAZMAT) assessments and surveys
  • HAZMAT registers
  • Accredited asbestos assessor
  • Air monitoring during removal of bonded (non-friable) and friable asbestos
  • Validation assessments
  • Lead air monitoring
  • Asbestos management plans