Contaminated Site Investigation

Whether you have a development that requires a contamination assessment to satisfy a planning condition, are responding to an operational leak or spill, or are addressing EPA requirements, EP Risk’s team of engineers and scientists can provide a tailored site assessment solution to meet your needs.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary site investigations
  • Detailed site investigations – including soil, groundwater and soil vapour sampling
  • Sampling, analysis and quality plans
  • Asbestos soil assessments
  • Waste classification assessments
  • Groundwater monitoring events
  • Underground petroleum storage systems compliance monitoring
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments

Contaminated Site Remediation

When faced with the news that your site is contaminated, many landowners, business owners or developers are not aware of the regulatory requirements that may cause disruption to your business or delays to your development.

EP Risk Management can help explain what the regulatory requirements mean for your business and provide risk based, pragmatic solutions that minimise disruption to your operations or project timeline.

Our experience and expertise includes the generation of Feasability Studies, Cost benefit analysis, Remediation Action Plans, Health Risk Assessments, Environmental Risk Assessment, Validation Assessment, Environment and Construciton Management Plans; and OH&S Plans as they apply to the various remediation methodologies listed below:

Our services include a range of ex-situ and in-situ remediation technologies including:

  • Air sparging
  • Biological treatment
  • Chemical fixation / stabilisation
  • Chemical injection / oxidation (ISCO)
  • Excavation, classification and disposal
  • Land farming
  • Multiphase extraction (MPE)
  • Permeable reactive barriers
  • Permanent containment cells (liner and cap design)
  • Pump and treat

Landbank Investment

EP Risk can help clients to unlock the value in contaminated land by providing the vehicle whereby owners of contaminated assets and property investors are connected via a Risk Management mechanism.

EP Risk will identify the contamination risk profile and manage the risk in the remediation of the asset.

Each project will require a unique commercial solution and EP Risk will work with the stakeholders to make the deal happen.

Hydrogeological Assessments

Groundwater is becoming an increasingly valuable resource as the growing demands of domestic and agricultural water use diminish current supply. EP Risk’s team of hydrogeologists can assist in assessing and developing your water resource in accordance with all regulatory requirements. We can also assess the effect of your development or industrial operation on the underlying aquifer as required by planning approvals or for due diligence.

Our services include:

  • Hydrogeological assessments
  • Aquifer pumping tests
  • Groundwater monitoring events
  • Groundwater modelling

Hazardous Materials Assessments

Many products used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings prior to the 1980s are likely to contain hazardous materials. These can include asbestos in fibro sheeting or insulation, PCBs in transformers and capacitors, synthetic mineral fibre and lead in paint.

Regulatory requirements dictate that hazardous materials must be managed in the workplace and during demolition or refurbishment. EP Risk’s team of occupational hygienists can assess, manage and validate removal of hazardous materials and offer the following services:

  • Hazardous material assessments and surveys.
  • Hazardous material registers.
  • Accredited asbestos assessor.
  • Air monitoring during removal of bonded and friable asbestos.
  • Validation assessments.

Construction Management and Project Management

In the construction industry, many projects are not delivered on time or budget due to deficiencies in the management of the contract, personnel, site information or stakeholder consultation.

EP Risk’s team of construction and project managers have extensive experience managing highly complex civil and remediation projects, and can help clients avoid project overruns.

Our services include:

  • Contractual liability – claims and variation appraisal
  • Budget and detailed cost analysis of remediation or civil works
  • Commercial, technical, financial and construction review of remediation or civil proposals
  • Tender evaluation and preparation
  • Project management of contaminated land remediation
  • Programme or scheduling
  • Contract negotiations
  • Stakeholder consultation

Due Diligence Assessments

When looking to buy or sell a company with land assets, or just the property itself, it is prudent to check that you are not inheriting an environmental liability from historical operation or use of the land by previous owners or occupiers. The liability you inherit may be from an entity that no longer exists and you are the one left to clean up the mess. This can quickly eat into any profits of a proposed development and push out project delivery timelines.

If you are selling your company with land assets or just the property itself, then you need to know what liability you are transferring to a prospective purchaser. This can be critical in contract negotiations, will assist in accurate valuation of your asset and also ensures that your sale contract addresses the liability and provides the necessary protections.

EP Risk’s team can review and quantify the environmental liability prior to or during the sale process.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary site investigation
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Baseline assessments
  • Compliance audits